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Our service adds a single click voicemail recording button (widget) on your site that lets your web visitors leave a voice message quickly.  No phone call is required to leave a message.  Messages are delivered instantly to your email inbox and stored online.  With this unique voicemail service your customers will never hear a "busy signal" or "box is full" message again.

Receive voicemails without even giving out your phone number!

Demo Live Voicemail Widget Here -> Click Here to Record & Send Message

Plans To Fit Your Budget!

100 Voicemail Widgets + UNLIMITED Message Recording + UNLIMITED Storage & Retrieval ---> only $95/month!

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Now You Can Get Voice Messages From Your Website in 1-CLICK & Turn Visitors into Leads & SALES...

Visitors are lazy, they hate typing. It's boring, it's time consuming to type & fill out a Contact Form to reach you. 

They want an EASY way to contact you so you can help them & get their business.

Thousands of visitors are leaving your website without contacting you because there is no easy way to reach you.




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Get More Testimonials

This is an amazing way to collect testimonials, feedback and voice messages from your visitors.

Get More Leads

This helps you to get thousands of leads from your website and helps you grow your website traffic fast.

Build A List

This is an amazing way to builds your list and you can export these leads into CSV anytime you want.

Emergency Outage Proof!

Voicemail4websites is a great emergency backup solution for because it does not require any phones or phone lines to function. When there is a major phone service outage customers can still get through and leave a message.  Your Internet connection could also be down and customers can still leave you messages.  Once internet was restored any missed messages would be delivered to inbox.

Turn Visitors into Customers

1-Click Voicemail button on your site that lets your visitors leave a voice message quickly and it instantly reaches you so you can listen to it & respond to it - turning your visitor into a customer.

Fast Setup, 24/7 Support

We can have you up and running and activated within 1-3 hours.  We can also help you with inserting HTML code into your website, if needed.  Tech Support is included free with you monthly service.

Customers Can Skip the Headaches of Leaving a Message

  • Customers can skip calling into a switchboard
  • Customers can skip calling into an automated attendant
  • Customers can skip being put on hold
  • Customers can skip talking to an operator
  • Customers can skip hearing busy signals
  • Customers can skip hearing "sorry mailbox is full" message
  • Customers can skip having to listen to a greeting before leaving a message

Owners Can Skip Headaches of Managing Voicemail Boxes

  • Site owners skip having to record your own voicemail box greeting
  • Site owners skip becoming a web programmer or looking for one
  • Site owners skip surprise bills from heavy usage
  • Site owners skip setup fees
  • Site owners skip voice talent recording fees

Great for Website Owners

Add voicemail widget to your Contact Us page and get more leads into you inbox. Add recording widget on a Testimonials page and receive live audio testimonials.  Personal testimonials recorded in audio or video format are much better than written testimonials.

Great for Doctors, Advisors, Consultants, and Coaches

Doctors have after hour patients who may need to leave a message.  Advisors can use this to communicate with their clients without giving our their personal number. Coaches can communicate with new potential customer without giving out their personal email or phone number.

Great for Podcasters, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers

Bloggers can get feedback on a blog or article without having to give out their phone number or email address. Social Media influncers can use this to get you dozens of verbal testimonials.  Podcast subscribers can easily leave voicemail messages to be played back during a show, and they will never get a "busy signal" or "box is full" message.

Great for Radio Stations

Radio Station listeners, contestants, subscribers, and fans can easily leave a voicemail messages to be played back during a live show, and they will never have to deal with getting any busy signals or box is full messages.

Great for Transcription

As a Transcriber you can use voicemail widget as super easy way for clients to send you recorded audio files to be transcribed.  As a person who needs transcription you can use  voicemail widget to submit recordings online to your transcriber.  When recording you can listen to and re-do your recordings as many times as you like.   

Great for Anyone Who Wants Audio Testimonials

Place voicemail widget on your website and collect audio testimonials to add to your site. Add voicemail recordings to your Testimonials page. A personal testimonial recorded in audio is much more authentic than any written testimonial.


How Voicemail Widget Works...

Leaving a Voicemail is Super Easy!
1-Record   2-Listen   3-Send


Click Record Button to Start Recording

You will never get a busy signal or a box is full message.
No menus to navigate and no greetings to listen to.

Click Allow to Enable Your Mic

Check "Remember this decision" to skip this step in the future.

Using Your Mic, Record Your Message, and Hit Stop When Done

We can can adjust max recording duration up to 10 minutes (600 seconds) 

Default is 60 seconds.

STEP 2 - Listen and Review

Click Replay Button to listen to your recorded message, Click Skip to Continue.

Hit Replay and Re-record and many times as you like until your satisfied with your message.

When happy with message, Click Proceed to Continue

STEP 3 - Send Recorded Message

Enter Name, Email, & Phone then Click Send.

Your recorded message is automatically uploaded and saved on to Cloud.

Website Owner will instantly receive an email with your voicemail message attached.

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Satisfied Customer Commented

Hooray!  That was easiest voicemail message leaving service ever!  I like how I could review and listen to my recording as many times as I wanted before hitting send.

Happy Website Owner Commented

I love how I can put a widget on each of my sites and then track how many contacts and leads each site is getting, before I was  having to go out and purchase a unique phone number for each site, now I use voicemail widgets instead. It costs me about 70% less to track my websites with voicemail widgets versus using unique phone numbers with call tracking.

Join Our Rapidly Growing List of Satisfied Users...

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